Patio Concrete

When it comes to patio concrete decks. There are several options to choose from. We like to approach these decisions to include options that best fit both budget, and desired results. If your concrete slab is already built? Then resurfacing options are simply the most cost effective solution. This can be achieved by either a resurface solution, which can be stamped with a desired pattern, color blends to enhance the real look of stone. And a finish sealer to make it last. These can be designed with boarders, separate patterns, and virtually endless design flexibility. Looks fantastic too.

Then there is the "Stone over-lay". Which offers a real stone applied to an existing patio deck. When installed correctly, stone veneers can provide an authentic rustic feel to any patio deck.

New Concrete is typically the best option if your patio concrete is too old or cracked beyond repair. We then suggest removing the old, and start fresh with a completely new concrete deck.

There are a multitude of solutions to resolve your desired look and budget. Concrete is available in exposed aggregate (pool decks), stamped concrete, smooth brush concrete, or stained concrete. All affordable, and All of which offer complete longevity, style and luster to any back yard patio.

A free estimate and consultation can help you decide which is the best option for you. Call us today, and we can make your patio a reality today!