Pergolas / Arbors

Pergolas/Arbors are the perfect patio solution, when imagining a cover which offers both light, and shade. The Suns Harmful rays instantly transform into a slow dance of light across the landscape, offering comfort, and serenity like no other structure can. With multiple shade patterns to choose from? Pergolas provide an elegant choice for any pool deck, or backyard patio. From a modest 60% shade protection, to a staggering 90%. We deliver the very best quality, in whatever budget you desire. From basic packages, to the Elite Signature Pergola, we feel that our quality is second to none.

Pergolas offer virtually limitless design possibilities too. Even the most challenging home configurations can be easily solved with a pergola design by Timber Craft. Available in "Free Standing", or "Attached" designs. Each delivers both elegance and style.