Only perfect can describe this company , and the quality of work they perform. Owner Perry Kirk is extremely professional. How refreshing to find a contractor that does what they say, and even do in a timely manner. In my occupation as a interior designer, Kirk has constructed several pergolas for my own clients, and I am confident that they would give the same review.

Mrs. Hinson

Our home faces West where we get the pounding of the brutal afternoon Texas sun. So much that we couldn't even touch our front door. It was scolding hot, and even our A/C bill escalated by simply trying to keep the front rooms of the house cool in summer.
We decided to have a front porch built. We contracted Perry Kirk. He was FABULOUS from the very first meeting, until the completion of the porch, which was amazingly fast.
We weren't sure of what we wanted, so Kirk designed several ways in 3-D for us to choose from. His attention to detail was astounding. He used absolutely the best quality materials, at a very reasonable cost. Simply beautiful.

Mr & Mrs Acree

TimberCraft design and Construction built out 28` x 14` Patio cover. The detail he put into this is what I call "greatness" Perry Kirk is the man for your outdoor construction jobs! He is so good at what he does. From the first phone call, to to the finished project professional, prepared, extremely pleasant to work with and exchange ideas. Not only was he fully city permitted, but his crew showed up ever day on time. Extremely polite and courteous. They were turn key, nothing left out when they were done. They picked up the yard to look like they were never there. I highly suggest TimberCraft for your outdoor construction jobs!

Mr & Mrs. Warren

After five estimates for my backyard pergola, I came across Kirks advertisement for TimberCraft in from a home magazine. I put in an inquiry from his website, and was shocked to get a return call four hours later. He came out and reviewed my property the very next day and made me a very competitive quote on the spot. One thing that I really liked is that Kirk includes all the "premium" features and upgrades in his base price. Other companies I had come out wanted to "Nickel and Dime" me for every little thing. Kirk walked me pass the whole approval process, and got a permit for my build. (be wary of any company who says you don't need a permit, this is a lie) After permit and HOA was approved, Kirk and Doug came out to do the install. They were extremely professional in the whole process. Having watched many things get built myself, it was clear that they have done this any times and knew exactly what they were doing. Their No nonsense approach was refreshing. It took them 3 days to build a beautiful outdoor pergola. I would not hesitate to use them again, and highly recommend Kirk and his crew if you are looking for a quality product.

Mr. McFarland
Member comments:

Best Experience you can imagine. He listened to our wants and concerns, and then made suggestions. He took measurements, and sent us a 3-D design with our house in the design. No imagination needed to see his vision of what we wanted. The design looked exactly like what he built. other contractors we talked to were not even close. My wife had to try and imagine what a gable looked like without knowing what a gable is, or even what it looks like. All that, and the design, and price was cheaper then others we talked to. Top quality work. He has his own crew so its not farmed out to some random Sub. If your looking for a top quality cedar patio cover?, call TimberCraft. Its absolutely beautiful.

Member comments:

After a very negative experience with a couple of other salesmen, from other well known DFW area patio and awning builders, we were Introduced by a friend to Kirk and TimberCraft, and our first impression was that he is a man of his word, always. When he took the time to actually listen to my wife explained of what she dreamed of having, which the other guys did not do, we were already impressed, but when we saw the quality of his work in his portfolio, we knew that this was the right company if we could afford such quality work. When we got his quote, we were floored since his price was better then the simple aluminum covers that the other guys all wanted to sell to us. And for a magnificent roof that you can be proud of owning! In short, he is the best of the best, and we highly recommend TimberCraft to everyone we can!

Thank You!

I'm excited to say Thank you, to each and every single one of our clients! I am grateful for all your kind words, and can never express my appreciation for all of you deciding to let us build your projects! We take great pride to provide absolutely the highest quality cedar structures to each and every one of our customers. With solid construction techniques, code compliant city permits, and HOA documentation, we try hard to provide you with a project completion that will surpass all industry standards. Top shelf Quality and value!!! Built to last, and provide years of value.
TimberCraft is exactly that, Cedar timbers patio structures, crafted in excellence. Always.
Thank you so much for our continued success!!!

Perry Kirk -
TimberCraft Design and Construction